Consumer Demand for Nutritional Products is Amplifying, and This Company’s Game Changing PATENTED Formula is Already Disrupting Major Markets!


    A First Mover Blue Chip Product Backed by Clinical Research is Now Being Sold at Thousands of Stores Including Amazon, CVS, and Walgreens…

    With a Driven Industry Pioneer as CEO, and an ALL-STAR Management Team, Element Nutritional Sciences (OTCPK: ELNSF) (CSE: ELMT) is Setting Out to Dominate the $314B Nutrition Space with Two Game Changing Products: Promino™ and Rejuvenate™!


    Element Nutritional Sciences is an innovative and research driven Canadian nutraceutical company specializing in the development of science-based products for the global consumer packaged goods market, with a portfolio focused specifically on men and women over the age of 45.

    This age demographic is tremendously underserved, and Element Nutritional Sciences (OTCPK: ELNSF) (CSE: ELMT) is tackling it head on!

    While 46% of the U.S. adult population is age 50-plus, only 15% of [online] images containing adults include people this age – a recent AARP study found. And baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, shell out the most each year – more than half a trillion dollars, according to a study by Epsilon.

    Element is positioning itself to sell its product to generations who are entering an age when looking and feeling great is more important than ever!

    Products are already sold at major retailers in the U.S. and Canada!

    The explosive nutritional space is generating serious attention (and capital) from high-profile investors with deep pockets.

    With the recent news of Nestlé buying Orgain, now may be a critical time to pay attention to Element who has a clinically proven nutritional formulation that could become a “go to” product for millions of people.

    Global giant Nestlé recently agreed to buy protein powder maker Orgain, a company who last year had a valuation of around $2B…

    Why is this news so important? Because an acquisition of this magnitude highlights the monstrous market for plant-based protein powders and ready-to-drink shakes and the enormous opportunity that lies in front of Element!

    Element’s growth story is still at the early stages… making this a narrative to be watching very closely in 2022 and beyond!

    The company’s own CEO, Stuart Lowther, has so much confidence in the company that he put his own money where his mouth is by investing over $3 MILLION!


    “We continue to make headway with major retailers in both the United States and in Canada and increase our e-commerce presence as well. In addition to driving revenue in the near-term, developing and cultivating relationships with our distribution partners should assist in accelerating time to market for our upcoming product innovations in sports nutrition and adult nutrition.”

    —  CEO Stuart Lowther

    More Reasons to Have (OTCQB: ELNSF) (CSE: ELMT) on Your Radar:

    • Unstoppable revenue potential…
    • Significant retail distribution…
    • Products in 16,000 stores including Amazon, CVS, Walgreens, and Sam’s Club…
    • Major E-commerce channels:,, and…
    • A CEO who has taken a past company from $40M in sales to $200M…
    • An A-team of executives with over 100 years of experience combined…
    • Products that could heavily disrupt the projected $624.7B nutritional space and anticipated $20B sports nutrition market…
    • Targeting the age 50+ category, who is responsible for MORE THAN HALF of consumer spending in the U.S…
    • Anti-aging is a top trend with the global anti-aging market at $58.5B in 2020…
    • The Rejuvenate brand has been promoted on Fox, CNBC, and ABC…
    • A clinically proven formula that could combat Sarcopenia – a serious disorder which accelerates muscle loss…
    • Secured North American rights to the enormous sports nutrition market…
    • Denise Austin, one of North America’s most influential people in health and nutrition is a brand ambassador…
    • The potential to hit other huge markets including institutions, hospitals, and retirement homes…
    • The ability to scale rapidly…
    • The company’s last financing round was done at $0.60… the stock is trading at virtually half of that right now!


    Management is the REAL DEAL here and could be pivotal in helping the company grow its sales exponentially!

    CEO Stuart Lowther’s experience and past success is monumental, as he was an executive at IOVATE Health Sciences. That company recently sold for $1B! YES, $1 BILLION!

    In fact, Element’s executive team has a proven track record of innovating and marketing sports nutrition products with over 100 years of combined experience in the category. Four members of the company’s executive team were instrumental in growing IOVATE Health Sciences to over US$700 million in revenue!

    It’s safe to say Element may have one of the best management teams in the industry in North America!

    Denise Austin as Brand Ambassador

    Ever heard of Denise Austin? She’s the 64-year-old face of the company’s Rejuvenate brand – but she looks like she’s 25 years old!

    Austin’s social media has a following of hundreds of thousands and now they have ELMT’s Rejuvenate plant-based drinks on their radar, thanks to her powerful influence. This product could possibly change the way that people age, and now Austin has become a brand ambassador for it, putting her clout behind the Element Nutritional Sciences formula!

    Acquisition Target?

    There is also Enormous BUY-OUT potential here…

    Abbott Labs (ABT—NYSE) the healthcare giant is the maker of Ensure — and Nestle Brands (NSGRY—OTC) the consumer brand powerhouse is the maker of Boost. Both companies could be interested in a unique product like Rejuvenate which is lower calorie and is proven to help rebuild or prevent muscle loss thereby improving muscle health, even at rest!

    Look at the difference. Rejuvenate RTD has NO sugar, NO dairy, and ALL NATURAL.

    All These Factors Could Quickly Turn Undiscovered Element Nutritional Sciences (OTCQB: ELNSF) (CSE: ELMT) into the Next Household Brand in Nutrition!

    Plus, the Rejuvenate formula is the first clinically proven product that helps prevent muscles loss!

    Leading the Fight Against Sarcopenia

    For years the ‘red flag’ warning signs of Osteoporosis have been given high priority among the aging population. Thinner bones can lead to fractures which can alter or threaten your life.

    But there’s another silent killer… one that isn’t nearly getting talked about enough…

    Loss of muscle mass and strength takes the brunt of poor nutrition, leading to sarcopenia, an age-related disease of accelerated loss of muscle.

    Maintaining muscle health is key to healthy aging. Muscle loss due to aging is a distinct reportable medical condition that consists of muscle loss and decreased strength in people as young as 40. It can be a major contributor to frailty, lack of mobility, increased risk of weight gain, diabetes, metabolic disorders, and a general loss of the quality of life.

    The consequences of muscle loss due to aging are often severe in older adults, as the strength and functional declines associated with this disease can in turn contribute to a number of adverse health outcomes, including loss of function, disability, and frailty.

    Sarcopenia is the NEXT osteoporosis and has been categorized by the Center for Disease Control as a medical condition that needs medical attention!

    Instead of bone loss, it is muscle loss due to aging and has a greater negative effect on your health than osteoporosis does. It has been assigned as a disease by the World Health Organization and a large market opportunity for the company!

    Element Rejuvenate formula is the first clinically proven product that helps prevent muscles loss!

    Muscle loss due to aging also increases the risk of: Diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, decreased metabolism and weigh gain. All of this can result in BILLONS in health care costs!

    How Can Rejuvenate Help?

    Amino Acids are the main building blocks of protein, and proteins are the building blocks of our bodies. With age, our bodies respond differently to protein in our diet and how our muscles rebuild and repair.

    A string of amino acids, including leucine, was developed by Dr. Robert Wolfe – one of the top protein researchers in the world.

    CEO Stuart Lowther saw the opportunity here, acquired the Exclusive Global rights to it, and then developed the Rejuvenate Brand and final formulations!

    Rejuvenate is a unique blend of all 9 essential amino acids, that allows your body to dramatically help improve protein metabolism, and therefore your muscle health!

    Essential Amino Acids also play an important role in immune function and fighting infections. They are critical in the formation of white blood cells, antibodies and key proteins that are required to maximize immune support.

    Rejuvenate Muscle Health has also been proven to speed post-operative recovery and to improve the muscles’ ability to heal after an injury. Accelerated patient recovery is fully possible with this scientifically proven formula!

    A Ready to Drink Option

    Rejuvenate Muscle Health organic protein is ready to drink and is clean label, gluten-free, sugar-free and only 100 calories.

    The product launched last June in the U.S. and recently with Sam’s Club across the U.S.!

    With 15 grams of plant-based protein, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and being gluten and dairy free, there is nothing quite like it in the market!


    With $20M of research behind it, 17 years in the making and through 25 different clinical studies — Rejuvenate, has been proven to help prevent muscle loss and rebuild muscle.

    It was clinically proven to increase a body’s ability to rebuild and repair lost muscle by 57% at rest!

    A widely reviewed, widely available, and a widely necessary product that covers the plant-based space, the wellness space, and the health products space….?

    This ALL translates to a high-growth opportunity to not look over!

    This formulation could significantly help combat sarcopenia, an underserved market that is expected to reach a stellar $1.3 billion in annual revenue by 2025 according to Zion Market Research.

    As explained in the Journal of Aging Research and Clinical Practice, a study also looked at hip and knee replacement surgery patients looking to recover strength. Some were treated as they would be in a normal therapeutic setting, whereas others were treated with Rejuvenate Muscle Health.

    The Rejuvenate patients experienced an 800% increase in strength in comparison to usual treatment protocols!

    “Our flagship Rejuvenate™ brand products have won the acceptance of very large retailers in the United States and Canada to help consumers reduce the effects of muscle loss with a patented plant-based amino acid formulation.”

    —  Stuart Lowther, Chief Executive Officer

    More Company Highlights

    • CEO Stuart Lowther landed the First Big Contract with the biggest retailer in the world! The company’s Rejuvenate ready to drink organic plant protein beverage is now available at ALL 589 Sam’s Club locations across the U.S.!
    • Lowther also has plans for media campaigns that will drive up to 2.7 BBBillion impressions across the North American market in 2021. This includes TV campaigns, digital advertising, major social media influencers!
    • This man has so much confidence in the company that he put his money where his mouth is by investing over 3M$ of his own money into Element Nutritional Sciences!
    • The market opportunity for Rejuvenate is in the BILLIONS. Meticulous Research anticipates the human nutrition market will hit $465.4B by 2025!
    • The science behind Rejuvenate is a huge competitive advantage. 25 peer-reviewed Clinical studies show that the Rejuvenate product can help to prevent muscle loss and even build muscle at rest.  Nobody else can do this! This means the Rejuvenate product can basically sell itself!
    • The company’s patented formulation has been built over 17 years with $20 million spend! A formulation they have exclusive rights to has been innovated into nutritional products and are driving a high value product innovation pipeline!
    • Soft-drink companies who have been diversifying like crazy to stay ahead of beverage trends. They could also look at Rejuvenate as a perfect fit for their portfolios!
    • There is a significant opportunity in the institutional market, comprised of medical professionals and medical institutions, to develop higher dosage formulations of Rejuvenate™ to assist orthopedic and oncology patients that have suffered muscle loss and/or help prevent muscle loss, or that require expedited recovery from medical procedures. The global oncology therapy market is a US$158 billion market!

    The world is also in a plant-based revolution and when a startup plant-based food company gets its product into 16,000+ stores in ONLY months…

    It is time to pay some serious attention!

    Element Nutritional Sciences (OTCQB: ELNSF) (CSE: ELMT) may not remain under the radar much longer and could become one of the fastest growing nutrition companies to dominate the market so KEEP READING!

    The Over 45 Market Opportunity

    The CPG industry has historically outperformed the S&P500 for many years. In the decade ahead, it will be trends that will continue to shape the industry.

    CPG companies have launched innovative products to meet an ever-growing array of human needs and desires, expanding in the enormous consumers markets of the developing world. What many of these companies have NOT done however is pan in on the older adult market – one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets.

    Element believes nutrition is the key element to optimal health and their mission is to provide one of the largest markets with the most money to spend, with the nutritional tools they need to enhance their health!

    The over 45 market is incredibly underserved but is critical as it represents massive BUYING POWER. This is a large untapped market that is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

    Consider the buying power of baby boomers alone!

    People over the age of 50 are responsible for MORE THAN HALF of consumer spending in the United States.

    Yet shockingly, to many businesses, these people might as well be invisible!

    “While 46% of the U.S. adult population is age 50-plus, only 15% of [online] images containing adults include people this age,” a recent AARP study found.

    In fact, baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, shell out the most each year — more than half a trillion dollars, according to a study by Epsilon.

    Many baby boomers are at the peak of their earning years and have comparatively large discretionary incomes to spend. These consumers have changed the face of the U.S. population for more than 70 years and continue to do so as more enter their senior years, a demographic shift often referred to as a “gray tsunami.”

    Retailers are becoming more in tune with new trends and demands of this demographic and could therefore win by partnering with Element!

    The Massive Sports Nutrition Market

    Nutrition and diet are essential for maximum performance. Sports nutrition products offer benefits such as optimal gains from training, increased recovery between workouts and events, maintenance and achievement of ideal body weight, reduced injury risk, and performance consistency.

    Adoption of sports nutrition products by athletes owing to their advantages is a major parameter driving the market.

    According to Market Data Forecast, the North American Sports Nutrition Market size was around $13.93B in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% to reach $20.28 billion by 2026!

    There is an increasing demand for sports nutrition from millennials and senior citizens for formulations to gain energy, strength, and muscle health.

    This is yet another reason to have your eyes on Element!

    Element’s JAKTRX is an elite brand of performance supplements designed for the everyday athlete, weekend warrior, or anyone looking for that extra edge in their workout.

    Boasting a complete line-up of Recovery Protein’s, BCAA/Coconut Water Hydration, Carbohydrate Recovery, JAKTRX has all of your daily supplement needs covered.

    The JAKTRX team has over 100 years of combined experience behind the brand!

    Element Nutritional Sciences recently acquired the right to use the same plant-based amino acid formulation underlying its flagship Rejuvenate™ muscle health products to develop a new higher dosage formulation for the sports nutrition market!

    “Securing North American rights to the sport nutrition market is a major milestone for Element, as it provides a key differentiating factor in our go to market strategy. As we commercialize Promino™, we are targeting both athletes and the broader sports nutrition market as our proprietary amino acid formulation is demonstrated to have a superior impact on increasing muscle, increasing strength, and expediting recovery.””

    —  Stuart Lowther, Chief Executive Officer

    There are many clinical studies that support the efficacy of the company’s amino acid formulation as it relates to the sports nutrition industry.

    Highlights of the Promino™ formulation are as follows:

    • It increases muscle protein synthesis by 76% 1, as compared to whey protein which increases protein synthesis by 35% 2;
    • It improves strength recovery by over 60% after surgery as measured by the MVC Strength Tes3; and
    • One of the formulation’s key components has demonstrated a 41% increase in strength in a 12-week program relative to a placebo group4.

    The first product to be launched using this higher dosage formulation will be JAKTRX™ PROMINO essential amino acids – targeting professional athletes!

    JAKTRX™ Promino is shown to improve muscle protein synthesis by 76%1 given the formulation’s composition of essential amino acids, as compared to an average whey-based protein powder which improves muscle protein synthesis by 35%2. Additionally, similar to Rejuvenate™, JAKTRX™ Promino is plant-based and will be available in environmentally friendly packaging.

    1 David D. Church, et al. Department of Geriatrics, Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging, Center for Translational Research in Aging & Longevity, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR, USA.

    2 Paddon-Jones Det al. Exp Gerontol 2006; 41:215-219.

    3 Ferrando A, et al. J Aging Res Clin Practice. 2013; 2(4):369-75.

    4 Theocharis, I et al. Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2011 Mar; 6(1):38-50.

    5 North America Sports Nutrition Market | 2021 – 2026 | US, Canada, Mexico (

    Growth Strategy


    • Increase sales velocity with existing partners
    • Build points of distribution with new partners
    • Digital paid search and advertising for direct -to – consumer channel, 2.7 billion impressions
    • Add new SKUs through existing points of distribution


    • New product formats for existing formulations
    • Rejuvenate™ formulations for immune, omega, meal replacement and sports nutrition
    • Orthopedics: higher doses for pre and post-surgery to accelerate surgical recovery
    • Oncology: develop higher dose formulation to improve patient outcomes by slowing/preventing muscle loss

    The Bottom Line

    As more consumers become interested in a healthy lifestyle, Element Nutritional Sciences (OTCQB: ELNSF) (CSE: ELMT)’s Rejuvenate may quickly become the go-to brand for all nutrition needs – in particular for the 45-plus demographic!

    The company conducted a U.S survey which found that a whopping 49% of the population are concerned about muscle loss and are talking to their healthcare practitioners about it.

    You know what this means? It means there is a great market with tremendous market opportunity for the company!

    PepsiCo has realized that shifting consumer tastes and preferences for healthy foods and drinks are eating away at their unhealthy business. The company is growing its nutrition brands and acquiring others as fast as possible just to keep up with the new nimble startups like Beyond Meat and Oatly.

    Companies like Beyond Meat have seen their share prices skyrocket since their IPOs, and now has a nearly $4B market cap!

    Could Element Nutritional Sciences (OTCQB: ELNSF) (CSE: ELMT) be the next start-up to see substantial growth ahead? With CEO Stuart Lowther leading an A-team of management, the sky could be the limit here!

    Remember… Lowther has put his OWN $3M into the company… This kind of confidence speaks in volumes!

    Sales through the company’s Amazon e-commerce platform are growing…. Walgreens sales velocity is increasing… and the Company added major retailer Sam’s Club this year… more retailers could be on the way!

    Plus, with a new product innovation pipeline that includes Rejuvenate Immune Health and Rejuvenate Omega Health… the growth potential here looks staggering. The company additionally has plans to establish a joint venture to distribute Rejuvenate products across the Asia Pacific region!

    Element is targeting high potential nutritional markets and revenues are skyrocketing. The company saw Q3 2021 revenue rise to $2.1M! This was an increase of 212%!

    Remember… Element is still very early in its growth trajectory given the total remaining addressable market out there…

    The fundamentals are also on fire here. With a 52-week high of $0.94, the last financing round at $0.60, there is massive upside potential here for the company!

    2022 could be another huge year for Element Nutritional Sciences (OTCQB: ELNSF) (CSE: ELMT) as they continue their mission to grow into a household name across North America!

    Start your research right away!


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