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In a media world where content is king, there’s finally…
An Aggressive Challenge To Netflix

Four Hollywood heavyweights have unleashed a bold strategy to stream movies and shows into 100 million homes

  • These power players own a company with 3.2 billion social media followers.

  • They have $90 million worth of films in production now with huge stars such as Nicolas Cage and John Travolta.

  • One of China's richest men is set to become Chairman of the Board.

  • Their company touts a potential 10X growth this year.

  • Their company touts a potential 10X growth this year.

  • Merely equaling Netflix could find these shares up 934% over the next six years. That’s 156% a year.

If you were challenged to turn $5,000 into $150,000 in the next 7 months… look to the “stars,” follow the proven moneymakers and put it all on this stock… Wonderfilm Media (WDRFF)

Smart Money Only Invests In Bankable Stars

A quartet of powerful Hollywood producers have come together with an audacious plan.

The five, whose movies have grossed more than $1 billion in ticket sales, have formed a company that aims to topple Netflix from its perch as the world’s dominant streaming content provider.

The company, Wonderfilm Media Corp., is led by Kirk Shaw. He’s a Hollywood legend who’s produced 230 films.

One of Shaw’s biggest wins was 2010’s Best Picture OscarÒ, “The Hurt Locker.” The gripping war story tripled its initial investment grossing $49.2 million against its $15 million budget.

But Shaw is just one element in what is Wonderfilm’s (TSXV:WNDR, OTC:WDRFF) stacked lineup of top moneymaking producers.

In all, their combined credits include films that starred a host of Hollywood A-listers…

Those include, Robert De Niro, Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Keanu Reeves, Michael Caine, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Kim Basinger, Woody Harrelson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Ray Liotta, and Jon Cusack.

How To Turn $90 Million Into What Could Be A Minimum $141 Million In Less Than A Year For A 218% Jump In Revenues

Today, Wonderfilm has about $90 million in total film production budgets for movies that are set to be completed this year. They are:

  • “Primal,” starring Nicolas Cage, to be distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment. On films such as “National Treasure,” “The Rock,” “Face/Off,” and “Con Air,” Cage has delivered $2.4 billion in career box office gross.
  • Moose,” starring John Travolta, to be distributed by Amazon Prime, and AMBI Pictures. On films such as “Pulp Fiction,” “Get Shorty,” “Old Dogs,” “Wild Hogs,” and “Grease,” Travolta has delivered nearly $2.5 billion in career box office gross.
  • “Disturbing the Peace,” stars Guy Pearce. It’s set to be distributed by Entertainment One Ltd. On films such as “Iron Man III,” “The King’s Speech,” “L.A. Confidential,” and “The Hurt Locker,” Pearce has delivered nearly $1.2 billion in career box office gross.

Profit By Playing The Averages

Cage and Travolta each average a bit more than $52 million gross a move.45 While Pearce’s movies deliver an average $36 million in gross.6

If each just delivers his average his average gross, Wonderfilm Media (TSXV:WNDR, OTC:WDRFF) would see its value skyrocket from today’s $16 million to more about $51 million.

That in turn could send Wonderfilm’s shares – now well under $1 – as much as 300% higher.

And, that’s just with what’s in production now. That doesn’t take into account Wonderfilm’s longstanding relationships with Robert Di Niro ($3.2 billion in lifetime gross box office), Sylvester Stallone ($2.6 billion in lifetime gross), Charlize Theron ($1.7 billion in lifetime gross), or Bruce Willis ($3.3 billion in lifetime gross box office).

This is how Wonderfilm Media came to be what is potentially 2019’s sleeper stock of the year.

Moreover, if it hits the low target of $51 million, the next stop for Wonderfilm Media (TSXV:WNDR, OTC:WDRFF) could be that NASDAQ exchange.

While Its Undervaluation Is Notable, More Than Most Investments, Wonderfilm Media’s Big Value Is In its People

For the most part, what investors know about Hollywood is what’s doled out by the entertainment news.
Most people only hear about flops and mega hits, and not the solid movies such as “The Hurt Locker,” which made $49 million on $15 million production costs.
There’s nothing bricks and mortar about Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole. That’s why it can seem so mysterious, even downright alien.
So, an essential way to look at Wonderfilm Media’s potential to deliver soaring gains is to think of it as a team - perhaps like the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, or Los Angeles Dodgers.
It’s about how the individual achievements of superstars add up to years of championships.

And, boy does Wonderfilm have some superstars. Along with Kirk Shaw, investors could counton this team to deliver sudden returns:

Success Breeds Success

Dan Grodnik: The former Chairman/CEO of theNational Lampoon, Grodnik has been a driving force inthe independent film business for more than threedecades. His ability to bring more than 50 motionpictures from concept to the screen display his capacityto stay on top of current market demands in creative,budget management, finance, sales, and distribution.
Since 2014, he’s produced 11 feature films with starssuch as Robert DeNiro, Keanu Reeves, Michael Caine,Katie Holmes, Jason Biggs, and Olga Kurylenko.

Jeff Bowler: This Emmy Award winningproducer/executive has been a key consultant to manycorporations in various industries and is one of the founders of “The Fox Think Tank” alongwith FOX CEO Peter Chernin and Fox TV Studios CEO David Grant.

In 2017 Bowler won an Emmy Award and is a producer and part owner of “The ThreeStooges” film franchise reboot as well as releasing “Wild Oats,” a film that Bowler was executiveproducer on starting Demi Moore, Jessica Lange and Shirley McLain.

Bret Saxon: Well known in Hollywood, and beyond,as a producer who knows how to raise money, Saxonhas successful history in marketing, M&A, andproduction. He’s built campaigns for that havecollectively grossed billions of dollars in 113 countriesaround the world. he’s had a full production schedulefor the past three years.

Dr. Bruno Wu : Soon to become Wonderfilm’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, this Chinese billionaire heads Seven Stars E&M Group. FORBES reported that Seven Stars is home to some of the world’s largest media and event management companies. He’s Vice Chairman of the National Committee Vice Chairman of the National Committee for China-US Relations. Dr. Wu’s wife, Yang Lan, is known as one of the world’s top 100 most powerful women.

I’m about building the next-generation entertainment company that’s lean and mean and scalable...I see that there’s a very strong need to develop the next generation of film and TV companies. Which means that you must be very highly concentrated only on IP and with talent. I believe that IP is more people-driven than project-driven; I invest in people... I like to work with the best people. - Dr. Bruno Wu

The Start Of Something Big

While Wonderfilm Media (TSXV:WNDR, OTC:WDRFF) has all the traits of a solid company,one investors could count on, one big question remains
Despite its solid creds, can Wonderfilm’s roster of all-star producers find the formula to toppleNetflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and over the next six years to claim a $1 billion+ market cap?
Better still, can it dominate the streaming entertainment market without carrying Netflix’smassive debt load, which is of $12 billion and climbing?7 Can Wonderfilm mount a seriouschallenge without the staggering annual cash losses Netflix suffers, burning through as much as$3.5 billion in cash this year.

The answer looks to be yes!
That’s because Wonderfilm has made some smart acquisitions that could be set to send company shares on a tear.
It is set to roll out a streaming service that could be available tomore than 100 million homes. As of April 2019, Netflix only had60 million U.S. subscribers.
Impressively, Wonderfilm recently acquired 34% of Grapevine Logic, from Dr. Wu’s company.
Grapevine has a marketing platform that reaches 3.2 billion followers. It also has 177,000verified influencers on YouTube and Instagram.
That means Wonderfilm has a massive, worldwide network that could market all of its products.

Dr. Wu Has Done All He Can Do

Wonderfilm made huge news in Asia with another deal it consummated with Dr. Wu. It gained control of WOL Productions, which is an entertainment company with an extensive slate of English and Chinese language movie production script packages.
At the same time, Wonderfilm acquired Starbury Media from Dr.Wu’s Seven Stars company.
Starbury is a sporting brand and media company founded by Dr. Bruno Wu and former NBA superstar Stephon Marbury.
The acquisition provides Wonderfilm with immediate access to a network of high profile athletes and sports personalities.

According to Wonderfilm, Stanbury’s network includes athletes with the desire to capitalize on their success in sports to further develop their personal brand through acting roles, branding services, merchandizing and events.
It all adds up to this: Wonderfilm Media has acquired a marketing machine that could be nothing less than a global juggernaut.
It is rare, if ever, when investors have access to a microcap that sports such marketing heft as deployed by Wonderfilm Media (TSXV:WNDR, OTC:WDRFF).

Direct Access The Massive Chinese Box Office

Its deals with Dr. Wu, along with his accession to Chairman of the Board, could give Wonderfilm Media huge advantage over most American film and connect makers.

Dr. Wu is the billionaire founder of SSSI (annual sales of $10 billion), former chairman and coCEO of Ideanomics Inc. (NASDAQ: IDEX). Because of Dr. Wu, Wonderfilm gains significant access to the Chinese movie-going public. It’s

a huge market with a total box office take that stayed in $8.4 billion range for the past five years. Chinese-language films brought in $5.53 billion in 2018. That was 62% of the total box China’s office, according to the country’s State Film Administration.

Though China is the world’s second largest movie market, trailing only the U.S.-Canada market, it now boasts the world’s most screens and continues to build new cinemas.

Chinese companies opened 9,303 new screens in 2018, bringing its total to 60,079 nationwide, according to the Xinhua news agency. The number of new openings is marginally down from 2017, when 9,597 new screens were put up.

Those huge numbers, along with the fact 6 out 10 movies shown are Chinese language, gives Wonderfilm a leg up because its WOL Productions already has 25 scripts in the works.

One of those is the film “Ana,” which is set to star internationally-recognized Gong Li with director Martin Campbell who’s best known for directing the James Bond movies Golden Eye and Casino Royale.

Its strong relationships with Hollywood A-listers, and film distributors, along with its recent acquisitions are among the seven growth catalysts that could provide investors with a robust returns should they make a move now into Wonderfilm Media (TSXV:WNDR, OTC:WDRFF). It all leads to…

7 Compelling Reasons That Could Make Wonderfilm Media (TSXV:WNDR, OTC:WDRFF) A Microcap Company Like No Others

1. SUPERSTARS – It could be a dream come true for investors who own a piece of a production company with access to twotime Oscar winners Robert Di Nero and Michael Caine, along with Oscar winner Charlize Theron… and a host of bigbudget, top-grossing stars such as Bruce Willis, Margot Robbie, Sylvester Stallone, and Nicolas Cage. Not to mention Shawn Redick has his next 2 movies at Wonderfilm and his last movie Green Book has made more than $75 million in the U.S., according to Box Office Mojo.

2. MAKING MOVIES NOW– Production companies can take meetings and dither, or they can make movies. Wonderfilm Media makes movies. It has $90 million now in three ongoing productions and 17 more feature films slated for 2019.

3. STREAMING POWERHOUSE – Wonderfilm is set to unleash a streaming service with the potential to reach 100 million homes. That’s a stunning number when considering Netflix only has 60 million U.S. subscribers.

4. SOCIAL MEDIA GIANT – A 34% ownership in Grapevine Media gives Wonderfilm the power to reach 3.2 million followers and 177,000 on YouTube and Instagram.

5. EXPERIENCE – Wonderfilm is led by Kirk Shaw. He’s a Hollywood legend who’s produced 230 films. One of Shaw’s biggest wins was 2010’s Best Picture OscarÒ, “The Hurt Locker.” In all, the Wonderfilm Media’s four founding producers have generated more than $1 billon in box office receipts.

6. DR. BRUNO WU – The billionaire media mogul is set to become Chairman of Wonderfilm’s Board of Directors. More importantly, Dr. Wu is a Chinese billionaire media mogul. Because of that, there are few, if any, companies that could have such complete access to the vast Chinese media market.

7. VALUATION – In a rarity for microcaps, Wonderfilm’s CEO, Kirk Shaw, is honest when he says his company is worth about $16 million. But Wonderfilm has $90 million working now in three feature films in production in 2019 alone!. A modest positive ROI on these would be around $141 million… tripling Wonderfilm’s value. That means at well under $1 Wonderfilm Media’s shares look grossly undervalued.

Position Yourself For Huge Gains By Making A
Move Now On This One-Of-A-Kind Investment

Should it score on any one of the three of the feature films it has in production now, Wonderfilm Media’s shares could quickly soar 300% or more.

Then it could begin a run similar to Netflix, with a share price that’s up 935% over that past six years.

That makes Wonderfilm Media (TSXV:WNDR, OTC:WDRFF) the rare pure-play entry for Main Street investors, into Hollywood’s money machine.

Now’s the time to take stake in Wonderfilm Media (TSXV:WNDR, OTC:WDRFF). It could to put you among its earliest and biggest winners.

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