An Intro to Trading Penny Stocks


Penny stocks are a great way to turn a small amount of money into a large amount of money very quickly. Just like with any stocks, penny stocks can also go from good to bad in a hurry. The reason why many investors waste their money in trading is because the buy the wrong stocks! To better prepare yourself for success, focus on the right stocks for the right reasons. If you buy penny stocks on the Dark Markets, you are more likely to experience losses regularly.

When it comes to buying penny stocks, it is wise to invest in high quality and legitimate up-and-coming businesses on the more serious and regulated exchanges.

Many of these legitimate businesses are found on your typical stock exchange such as the NYSE or NASDAQ. It is possible to find successful businesses that have legitimate and proven business models within penny stocks because they are usually still fresh and new. Get on-board with these companies now while they are still trading for pennies and ride their success to trading for dollars.

Consider buying penny stocks where there is risk money or only work with funds that you can afford to lose.

Accounting for loss and potential volatility are important even when buying penny stocks. It is good to follow those who know the industry very well. A guide or an expert in the industry will be crucial to your success as it expands your knowledge and affects your buying decisions. It is important to find a good mentor, but, as some may know, there are those who do not teach well. Conducting research on potential mentors and guides ahead of time can help in picking the right person to help you invest your hard-earned money.

When buying penny stocks in 2018, you may want to start with paper trading.

Paper trading is a great way to get a hands-on learning experience without risking a single penny. Paper trading allows you to keep track of imaginary trades with real stocks where you can track the imaginary money that you would make. This practice will help you learn the ins-and-outs of penny stock trading to include things such as its relevant lingo. You can make mistakes and learn from them without any real consequences. Trying paper trading for several months to build up your knowledge base, experience, and confidence.

Buying penny stocks is similar to buying stocks in large corporations, but, at lower share prices and with more volatility.

The volatility can come from these companies still being unknown, growing, or even spikes in success or popularity. While it can be tempting to jump on those new hot businesses that seem to be taking off, it is wise to look into the situation a lot deeper. Usually, by the time the word gets out about a new hot penny stocks company, that means it is known around the world, or in specific circles. This may indicate that the trade is already getting crowded, matured, and can begin to get grossly overpriced. It is best to buy stocks in an industry that you already know, have experience in, or, as previously noted, have a mentor or guide who is experienced in those fields.

When working in an industry that you already know about, you have an advantage over those in the trades who do not know about that particular industry. This gives you an advantage in decision-making while observing the market. Using a credible and trustworthy source will help you decide which investments to select first. Never trust any source to the fullest extent. Always take what you can from the source, but, get a second and third or more suggestions and insights on which stocks to watch. Sites like are good stock screeners with which you can find many stocks on your own. Other financial portals and even sites like Google offer free stock screeners online.

Having specific goals in mind will help guide your research efforts when buying penny stocks.

Having a good research plan will help keep you on track and heading in the right direction. There are many options out there, many sources of information or assistance,  and all of this is great; so long as you use that information wisely.

Stick with what you know and learn the lingo of penny stocks. Understand how to identify changes in the market and when to invest and when to pull out. Avoid any stocks that are promoted and pushed by any outside source. Successful companies that are legitimate and reliable do not need outside promoters to drive the price higher. This helps you rule out those bad deals and scammers.

Scammers try to get people through free stock picks which they promote on message boards, emails, newsletters, or even postal mail. They do this by hyping up the performance of the stock to increase its share price. This is due to the nature of penny stocks which are thinly traded and are so tiny in size. Dishonest players manipulate the prices of the underlying shares in attempts to profit off of the spikes in investments from unsuspecting investors.

Educate yourself on the language of penny stocks, the industry that you are going to invest in, and credible sources from which to pull information to help you when buying penny stocks.

It is best to invest in industries that you have experience or knowledge with because you may have a key advantage over other investors. This will also help you pick out the fads from the rest of the companies which can save you from huge losses later on. Starting with Paper Trading is a great way to get your feet wet in trading without using any real money. Create research plans, goals, and objectives for the whole process of gathering, learning, and applying all of the information that you come across.

Choose your stocks, markets, and sectors through the various options of credible sources and suggestions. Having trustworthy and knowledgeable mentors or guides can sometimes make the difference between choosing good investments or terrible investments. Start trading and set your limits on investments and selections so you can grow over time and stay in the game for the long term rather than washing out early on and being out of the game for good.


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