5 Stocks To Buy And Hold For The Long Run


Many investors dream of buying the right stocks at the right times and hitting it big.  Who would not want to have a portfolio of solid winners, bought on the cheap and selling with huge profits?  The reality is many investors never find even one stock with a huge payout, let alone enough of these dream stocks to build a nest egg.

Most smart investment advice suggests investors should have a diverse range of industries in their portfolios.  What is more, investment gurus such as Warren Buffett favor holding on to their stocks, not getting caught up in the day trading game.  Below are some prime choices for stocks that may take time to grow, but will likely come out as winners in the future.

Specializing in decorator and home goods, Wayfair is a great long-term stock to invest in.

Wayfair (NYSE: W) is entrenching itself in the world of e-commerce as a go-to outlet for furniture and home decor products.  With close to 28 percent sales growth over the past three years, Wayfair business has been obviously favorable.  Since it went public in late 2014, W stock has seen a meteoric soar of more than 336 percent per share.

While losses have widened and net income is negative, that may not be unusual for this type of business.  Up until a few years ago, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) had the same issues.  Investors seem to look past the bottom line in view of top-line growth, and those willing to stay the course could see Wayfair becoming an Amazon, albeit on a smaller scale.

Language education software innovator Rosetta Stone is a stock to buy for an ever-changing world

Most Americans believe that English is the language of the world.  Americans traveling abroad have come to expect someone will speak some English, no matter where they are.

With iconic American brands like McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) and  Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) in nearly every corner of the planet, it is hard to imagine a world without Western values and culture.  However, even in the United States, the demographic is shifting with a growing population of non-English speaking citizens.

In view of a constantly shifting world, Rosetta Stone (NYSE: RST) language software offers a much-needed solution to a developing need, whether or not English remains the international language.

RST has also proven itself as a worthy investment with a 35 percent lead.  Because it is not just a language translator – but also education software – Rosetta Stone could prove a pleasantly surprising investment for the future.

FedEx is one of the best long-term stocks to invest in as e-commerce continues to gain in popularity

It does not look like the trend toward online shopping will do anything in the future but rise.  As consumers venture into brick-and-mortar retail outlets less and less, the need to have their goods shipped and delivered to them increases which is why international couriers like FedEx (NYSE: FDX) continue to be smart investments.

Although Amazon is experimenting with implementing its own delivery service, analysts believe the impact on FDX is likely overestimated.  Not only would taking down the shipping giant be a monumental feat, but the e-commerce sector will grow enough to accommodate all current shipping competitors.

On its most recent fourth-quarter fiscal 2018 earnings report, FedEx showed favorably further illustrating it is a solid stock to invest in and hold on to while the shipping dust settles.

Lithium, touted as the gasoline of the future, makes Albermarle a candidate for one of the wisest stocks to invest in.

With companies like Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) proving lithium is the fuel source of the next generation, domestic lithium company Albemarle (NYSE: ALB) is a great stock to buy at a discount now.

Lithium demand is rising and currently so is supply.  Foreign producers from Chile, Argentina, and Australia have boosted their production in an effort to profit from the high prices lithium was commanding. The end result is more supply than demand and new, lower prices.

However, the supply and demand ratio is hard to forecast; today’s oversupply of lithium could quickly change into tomorrow’s shortage.  In view of the broader technology industry foretelling of increased lithium usage, ALB appears to be a smart investment for the future.

A savvy stock to invest in now and watch grow, 51job caters to the next generation of employment.

Millenials are all grown up and tend to do just about everything differently than the generations that preceded them.  From their habits as consumers to the way they communicate, millennials are shaping the future of just about everything including the workplace.

According to Rooster’s Lindsey Kline: “Millennials are the most educated generation in history. We grew up in the midst of a digital era, and consequently, we’re the only generation that doesn’t have to adapt to new technologies.”  In her words, she prefers companies offer “office kegs, pool tables, and air hockey” and cut the BS.

Many would agree that this thinking seems presumptuous, but it does seem to be the way the working environment is shifting, and it is not just an American trend.  51job (NASDAQ: JOBS) is a Chinese human resources solutions provider and employment recruiter focusing on the young and tech-wise workforce.

China has a labor force that is more than twice the size of the entire population of the United States.  With that in mind, an investment in JOBS could yield substantial profit as larger numbers of millennials gain a further foothold in the Chinese workplace.


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